Brands in my Life, Netflix

After reading about “New Media” and how brands reach out to consumers Netflix came to mind. While many companies have been slow to catch on that digital distribution works, Netflix jumped in and became a leader.


A couple years ago while living in Boston I became a Netflix subscriber. I took my membership with me to New York City, but when I arrived in Austin I canceled it. Why did I cancel it, because I had a Blockbuster down the street. In both Boston and New York I did not have a large conveniently located video store near by. Netflix was handy, but often I would want a different movie from what was up next on my cue. It would be too late to switch the movie because of the mail distribution system.

Netflix solved my problem and got me back last fall by forming a brilliant partnership with Microsoft. Now I can update my cue and watch whatever I want, when I want it, and I don’t ever have to go outside. Through my Xbox 360 I am able to stream movies from Netflix right to my tv. HD content is available and the list of available content  is constantly growing. Some people say that there are better ways to stream to your tv, but I think they just like making things difficult for themselves.

The service is so successful that we have canceled our cable tv service and are now just paying for Internet. The Netflix / Microsoft partnership works so well that it is clearly disruptive to how companies like Time Warner Cable and Comcast conduct their business. Recent news about tiered Internet pricing is a likely result of streaming services like Netflix. I say too bad Time Warner and Comcast, they should have thought to partner with Netflix sooner.


2 Responses to “Brands in my Life, Netflix”

  1. 1 Scott R April 10, 2009 at 11:10 am

    I wonder how many others have dropped cable in response to streaming opportunities. We did that too(we, Dish got dropped), partly for economic reasons. That has to be adding up to someone losing revenue in big ways… No tie to class readings here, really, but it is certainly a growing case study waiting to be written for next year’s DMBA class, right?

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